The Ultimate Course for Payroll Management Mastery

Elevate your skills and become a certified payroll expert with our comprehensive program, designed by Human Resource and Tax professionals to simplify complex concepts and ensure your success

Program Details​

Course Information at a Glance

  1. Program Category: Certificate in Skills Upgrading
  2. Evaluation Method: Continuous assessments & online exam
  3. Resource Persons: Human Resource & Tax Consultants
  4. Program Fee: Standard Program Fee - Rs 18,000 (all inclusive)
    • (Registration fee: Rs 2,000.00 + Program fee: Rs 16,000.00)
    • Installment payments: Rs 9,000.00 X 2 installments

Program Overview​

What to Expect from Our Program

Gain complete knowledge about payroll management, updated labor laws, and taxation, all presented in an easily understandable format.

  • Specially designed by Human Resource and Tax professionals
  • In-depth coverage of all aspects of payroll management
  • Practical approach for real-world application
  • Continuous assessments and online exams for thorough evaluation

Why Choose This Program

Invest in Your Career with Our Job-Oriented Course

Our program offers numerous benefits that make it the ideal choice for professionals looking to excel in payroll management.

  • 100% job-oriented curriculum
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Gain the ability to handle payroll independently
  • Acquire practical knowledge for real-world application
  • A valuable investment for your career

Course Modules

Comprehensive Modules for a Holistic Learning Experience

Our course covers all essential aspects of payroll management to provide you with the skills and knowledge required for success in the field.

  • Component of Payroll: Dive into the fundamentals of payroll management, learning about the various elements that make up an employee’s salary, such as basic pay, allowances, deductions, and reimbursements.

  • Minimum Wage & Computation of BR Allowances: Understand the importance of minimum wage requirements and how to accurately calculate the Basic Rate (BR) allowances, ensuring compliance with labor laws and fair compensation for employees.

  • Computation of Overtime Payments: Master the process of calculating overtime payments for employees, taking into account factors such as working hours, hourly rates, and applicable regulations.

  • Computation of Staff Leaves: Gain expertise in managing and computing staff leaves, including annual, sick, and maternity leaves, to maintain a balanced and productive work environment.

  • Computation of Holiday Payments: Learn how to accurately compute holiday payments for employees, considering factors like holiday entitlements, working patterns, and relevant labor laws.

  • Computation of EPF & ETF Contributions: Acquire in-depth knowledge of the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) and Employees’ Trust Fund (ETF) contributions, understanding how to compute and remit these mandatory deductions accurately.

  • Employment Tax: Explore the intricacies of employment tax, including its impact on payroll, the different tax brackets, and relevant regulations, ensuring full compliance with tax laws.

  • Authorized Deductions of Salary/Wage: Understand the various authorized deductions from an employee’s salary or wage, such as loan repayments, insurance premiums, and union fees, ensuring that all deductions are lawful and transparent.

  • Manual Payroll Process: Learn the steps involved in manually processing payroll, from collecting employee data to calculating pay and issuing payslips, providing you with a strong foundation in payroll management.

  • Offenses & Penalties: Familiarize yourself with the legal consequences of non-compliance in payroll management, including offences, penalties, and other repercussions, ensuring that you stay well-informed and fully compliant with all regulations.

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