The Institute of Professional Training and Development (Private) Limited (IPTAD) is committed to providing needs-based training programs and unique human capital development services which are ideal for private and public sector employers and employees.

IPTAD programs and workshops are developed to enhance career development, management skills, personality development and productivity of employees in all industries and sectors in Sri Lanka.

IPTAD is a professional human resource training and development company. The workforce of the company consists of experienced and qualified HR trainers and consultants with a proven track record of excellence in employee training and development. Trainers and consultants at IPTAD conduct training using the latest and finest teaching techniques and industry practices to enhance the learning experience of our students.
IPTAD’s aim is to assist organizations to fill productivity gaps and skill shortages that are impeding the achievement of business goals and objectives, and to enhance our students’ employment potential by providing world recognized professional and vocational training programs and workshops. IPTAD training facility is equipped with latest technology, tools and training equipment to deliver international quality training programs and workshops designed based on contemporary learning methods. IPTAD training programs and workshops are interactive, contextualized and encompass diverse teaching and learning methods designed to produce a positive and measurable change in the skill levels of our students.
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The vision of IPTAD is to be the leader in delivery of professional skills training for the Sri Lankan workforce, thus contributing to reducing unemployment and promoting sustainable economic growth in the country.


The mission of IPTAD is to provide quality learning programs and workshops that are geared 
towards assisting students to achieve professional excellence and career success. 


The primary objective of IPTAD is to bridge the employability gap by providing professionally trained manpower to the workforce. Our courses are designed to ensure that every student acquires modern employability skills, thus securing guaranteed employment. Specific objectives of IPTAD include the following;

" Produce highly skilled employees and enhance the quality of the Sri Lankan workforce. "

" Assist Sri Lankan youth identify their career path."

"Enable employers to enhance both individual and team productivity and performance levels. "

"Support employers to enhance the quality of the workforce through programs and workshops designed to ensure consistent and measurable improvements in organizational and employee performance standards. "




Ensure that the face-to-face and online programs delivered by IPTAD meet current job market requirements and are compliant with the latest innovations in industries.


Ensure the delivery of quality and excellence in all our programs and workshops. Consistent improvement in the relevance and quality of our training programs and workshops through regular revision and amendments.


Provide employee and employers with the  most cost effective and value for money professional skills training programs and  workshops.